Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our New(ish) Home

Now that we have officially been moved into our new home for about 2 months, it is time that we put up some pictures.

We were so excited to actually buy furniture that reflected our taste. Thank you stimulus check!

I still haven't figured out where we are going to put all of our pictures, so our walls are very bare. These birds from Blik are the only things up so far, but I love them. I have been holding on to them for a few years, so it was fun to finally use them.


Arwen said...

I didn't see the birds the last time I was there! Cute!!

Rachel said...

Hooray a post!!!!! i am so excited and your place is very cute, and clean! seems like mine is always a mess despite my efforts, so i am jealous!!! I got bre's announcement and i had to do a double take i can't believe how much you guys look alike!

Heidi said...

WOW!! I had no idea that you guys even had a blog! Im so glad I know now... I will be stocking, i mean checking in on you guys!

Curtis and Barbara said...

Wow, your good at decorating. Cute place!