Thursday, October 30, 2008


All this week, Mike and I have been able to go out in the morning and hold signs for Prop.8. This has been the first time that I have really been active in a political issue, and for the most part it has been really fun. In the evenings I get to go out and rally again while Mike is at work. The evenings are probably the most fun, because a lot of people go. Tonight some of the opposition came over too. I wasn't too happy that they had some signs calling us bigots. That is a strong word, and I think it is a scare tactic, no one wants to be seen as a bigot. Anyway, back to the point tonight really showcased political freedom, and I loved it. Everyone talked to the "no on 8" crowd, and hopefully they saw the kind of people we are. There was no tension there. That is what America should be. During election time, people tend to forget just how much we have in common.
If only everyone could be so civil. I have been flipped off and called names so many times this week. Not fun, I'm still a pretty sensitive person. Others out there with me this week have had things thrown at them, and been mooned. The worst part is, that there are kids out there, and they shouldn't have to see and hear those things. A car full actually flipped our group off right in front of a cop, and were immediately pulled over. If only they could catch everyone.

I was fortunate enough to stand by this man tonight. He is at all the evening rallies. He is our congressman Buck McKeon. I love this guy! He is so kind, and funny, and I love that he chooses to hold this sign every night.

This last picture is what one corner looked like tonight, but we covered all 4. On Monday night, we had a great rally. CNN came and filmed. It was amazing to see how crowded it was; at least 10 times more crowded than tonight.
I hope that everyone will come to understand the importance of this issue before Tuesday.


Carrie said...

Wow! I am so proud of you guys! It is so great to be able to publicly stand up for your beliefs, and that congressman of yours is awesome! He restores my faith in politicians.

Ashley said...

Good for you guys for doing that! I would have gone with you if I was anywhere close. People can get really hostile when you don't believe the same thing as them, but isn't that what this is all about?

Amy and Jeff said...

Way to go! We're praying that people will vote wisely. I'm anxious to see what the results are.

Breana and Jordan Holmes said...

Thats great, I hope we have as much support here today!

AB said...

You rock! Don't worry about the are doing what is right. We'll be back and plan to be waving signs with you Monday!

Rachel said...

wow, how sad that this is what the world is coming too, i am proud that you guys are standing up for what is right, but how sad that we even have to, the world is really going down fast. good luck