Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kennedy Pictures!

Two very different pictures of Kennedy. She doesn't even look like the same baby! I love these though. The first one looks a lot like Bre to me, but I'm not sure why.

The proud parents just moments after we were allowed in. Breana did such a good job, and seemed so calm and relaxed. She is a natural mother.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures. Who could blame me though. My first neice. Jordan is a great father, he takes care of Kennedy so well, and is so gentle. Some of these were taken on my phone, so they are not good quality, but I like having pictures of her that I can look at anytime. Kennedy comes home today, I can't wait to go back down there and see her!


Heidi said...

YAY! love those! I cannot wait to meet her!

Cherie said...

You got some good shots Dejah! How cute! I'm glad you guys have a little niece to smother... she'll never run short of people that love her! What a lucky little girl! I hope you guys have a lot of fun!

Deric and Muria Family said...

Great pictures, she is SO CUTE! Congratulations Auntie!

Pitt-Meisingers said...

cute little bubba!!