Friday, November 20, 2009

Photography Contest

Ok, so I totally am not one of those people who blogs about other blogs, but I really want to win this drawing.

Gena and her sister did the photography for Breana's wedding. They are amazing! Seeing as how I love photography, I read Gena's blog all the time. I keep a link to her blog in a file titled "Inspiration". Someday I hope to be able to take pictures like her. Not only are her pictures beautiful, but she is beautiful inside and out. Having her and her sister do Breana's wedding was great. They were so imaginative and creative.
Hopefully Mike and I can win some pictures from her, because we have no good pictures of ourselves. If you are looking for some beautiful photography of your family, check out her site. Even if I don't win, I'd be happy if someone I knew did.