Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kennedy"s Blessing

Wow, it seems like Mike and I have hardly been home this December. There are so many wonderful things that have been happening, and I hope to be able to post them all. These will be completely out of order though, because I'm going to start with last Sunday.
Last Sunday, Kennedy was blessed. It was so great to be able to be there, and witness Jordan blessing his first daughter. He did a great job.

My whole immediate family was able to attend the blessing, and many of the Holmes as well.

The nephew and niece being passed around. We really need more babies on our side of the family; we can't seem to get enough of these cute kids!

And finally, just because I did one after Noah's blessing: the many faces of Kennedy. Some of these are older pictures, but I swear this girl looks different in every one we take. Thankfully I was able to see a lot of my family this weekend, and when I wasn't holding Kennedy, I was taking pictures of her. She is so adorable!


Sheryl said...

MMMMMM....MMMMM...what a yummy baby! You did good auntie Dejah! Hey...along with that 4th of July disc....I would love blessing day photos as well! Love you!

AB said...

This is just the beginning. Before you know it there will be so many nieces and nephews that you can't keep track...well, you will be able to because you're Super Aunt!

Breana and Jordan Holmes said...

i love you!