Saturday, April 24, 2010

These few days I have decided to be lazy...

So, it has been awhile since my last post, and I thought I would begin again where I left off last time. The day after our 20's party, we had another family party, with again more than one theme. We were saying good-bye to Beau and Christine, and Happy Birthday to Jana.
Just a little about Beau and Christine...This amazing couple received a great opportunity to move to Miami, and being such a close family, this move was hard on all of us. I absolutely adore Christine, she's one of those people that can make anyone feel comfortable. I really miss seeing her at family events.

As I mentioned, we also celebrated Jana's birthday. For those of you who aren't family, Jana is Mike's aunt, although she is younger than him. Jana is the life of every party. Loving and funny, you can't help but smile when she's around. Although this isn't the best shot of her, I love this picture, because the cake started to catch on fire. I think it captures the fun we have together.

These are some random shots from the party. I don't think I took any of these pictures, but I love the one Kaylee got of Kevin and Kennedy playing cards together. Yes, we start them early in this family.

I have practically no pictures of Easter, although it was so much fun! Arwen and Bryan joined us for the Pitt Easter Egg Hunt. My favorite tradition, because us older "kids" still get to hunt for eggs.

Finally, during Spring Break, I was able to go to Corona for a few days. Unfortunately, Mike had to work. However, one of the nights I was down, I went to a small carnival with most of my siblings. We didn't stay long, but it was fun to see Kennedy and Noah, (and capture some of their silly expressions), and to spend time with everyone who went. I love how excited Brian was to be there. He is so much fun, and he is constantly making us laugh.
So, that's it. It's been a fun 2 months!


Brian and Lisa said...

I love all the pics. The carnival was fun and fun to have (almost) everyone together. Next time your down, show me how to do the picture collage thing. And upload some copies of these to my picasa album online. Xo

AB said...

You have the most fun family/families ever.

Heidi said...

Fun! i saw that carnival there at Dos Logos. Looked like fun.