Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Arwen and Bryan's Wedding

Last Friday, Arwen and Bryan were married. What a fun wedding! The morning started off bright and mostly clear, but as the ceremony drew closer, it began to rain. It rained as all of us walked down the aisle, but as soon as the Wedding march started, so did the sleet and hail. It was funny, and beautiful at the same time. The ceremony was cut a little short, as most of the people in attendance did not bring an umbrella, and as soon as it ended, so did the rain. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, so hail must be even better.
Arwen looked so beautiful too! I wish I had taken some pictures of her while they were outside. I loved everything about her dress, it fit her style so well.
We are so happy for you Arwen and Bryan! You make a beautiful couple, and we love you!

And, just because I can't resist. I had a great time dancing with these two. The reception was so much fun. I have the best family!


Jess Edling said...

Congrats to Arwen! She looks absolutely stunning & her dress is out of this world! Looks like it was a wonderful day! (I would have taken rain instead of the 95 degree weather I had on my wedding day IN NOVEMBER in my dress with LONG SLEEVES. Uuuugh. I start melting again just thinking about it...)

jeanine said...

Congrats Arwen!!!

She looked beautiful!

Edling's said...

Yay Arwen! She looks so beautiful! I love the picture of Noah and Kennedy! They are such cuties!

Brian and Lisa said...

Great pictures Dejah! And yes, this was a fun wedding!! Can't wait to see video of the "dance-offs" : )