Friday, October 19, 2012

Little Ghost DIY

I get to babysit Kennedy and Harley on Monday, so I thought it would be fun to do a little Halloween craft with them.  I headed over to the 99 cent store for some materials, when a new idea popped into my head.  I happened to notice that the badminton birdies have the exact shape as a ghost, and they're white!  So, here's what you need, to make an adorable self standing little ghost.  The best part, no glue, and no sewing.

I draped 2 layers of cheesecloth on the birdie, and cut off the length I wanted.  Mine ended up being longer in the back, which I actually really like.  Then, I just tied a little ribbon bow around the neck, and hole punched some black vinyl to stick on with eyes.  You really could use anything for the eyes though, or nothing at all.

So, there it is.  Super easy! 


Amy F. P. said...

Those turned out darling. You are so clever.