Thursday, October 30, 2008


All this week, Mike and I have been able to go out in the morning and hold signs for Prop.8. This has been the first time that I have really been active in a political issue, and for the most part it has been really fun. In the evenings I get to go out and rally again while Mike is at work. The evenings are probably the most fun, because a lot of people go. Tonight some of the opposition came over too. I wasn't too happy that they had some signs calling us bigots. That is a strong word, and I think it is a scare tactic, no one wants to be seen as a bigot. Anyway, back to the point tonight really showcased political freedom, and I loved it. Everyone talked to the "no on 8" crowd, and hopefully they saw the kind of people we are. There was no tension there. That is what America should be. During election time, people tend to forget just how much we have in common.
If only everyone could be so civil. I have been flipped off and called names so many times this week. Not fun, I'm still a pretty sensitive person. Others out there with me this week have had things thrown at them, and been mooned. The worst part is, that there are kids out there, and they shouldn't have to see and hear those things. A car full actually flipped our group off right in front of a cop, and were immediately pulled over. If only they could catch everyone.

I was fortunate enough to stand by this man tonight. He is at all the evening rallies. He is our congressman Buck McKeon. I love this guy! He is so kind, and funny, and I love that he chooses to hold this sign every night.

This last picture is what one corner looked like tonight, but we covered all 4. On Monday night, we had a great rally. CNN came and filmed. It was amazing to see how crowded it was; at least 10 times more crowded than tonight.
I hope that everyone will come to understand the importance of this issue before Tuesday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Round of Birthdays!

Brian, Arwen, Julie and Mike W. all have October birthdays so once again the family got together. I love the pictures of them blowing out the candles, but I will probably get some pay back when my birthday comes around.
Yes, the cake is on a chair again...It's just easier that way. :)
So, Happy Birthday again to my amazing family. And Mike, because really he's pretty much an honorary member.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Noah and the Whale

No, despite the name, this is not another post about my "oh-so-cute" nephew. Last Monday Mike and I went to see a band Noah and the Whale. We discovered this band some time ago on the myspace friend list of an amazing band Slow Club. Anyways, since then Noah and the Whale has popped up everywhere. You have probably heard their song 5 Years Time on the Saturn commercial, or I believe on a Sun Chips commercial. Some people criticize bands for being on commercials, I say the commercial needs music, might as well be a song you like.
Okay, getting back to Monday night. We went to this little place called Spaceland. It was completely free, and we were able to be about a foot away from the band. I love places like that! Sometimes it just feels so good to be in a small place hearing music you love so loudly that you don't have to think, you become completely absorbed into each song. It has been a few years since we were able to go to a show like this, and I loved every second of it. If you haven't heard them, I suggest you check them out although probably not everyone will like them. (I did take pictures, but honestly they aren't that great.)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yes on Prop.8!

This will probably be my only post without pictures, but the most important one to date. Wednesday night there was a broadcast talking about Prop.8. I was in class, but thakfully Mike went, andthey said to blog about this issue. Although I'm pretty sure everyone that reads my blog has the same views as me, you never know. Also, maybe this will help to open some discussions on how we can better communicate the importance of this Proposition.
I can't say I am very impressed with the commercial I have seen supporting Prop.8. I hope we are not missing the very important effects of this. Marriage by definition is between man and woman. A girl in my ward put it best by stating that Marriage is an eternal law, as eternal as any law of the universe. It was in effect when God himself was married. We do not have the right nor the authority to change that law.
Some people may think that we are denying rights to others by passing this. We are not, same sex couples still have all the rights of married couples. Those will not be taken away. David told me a conversation between him and a co-worker. (I'm not quoting people exactly, just what I can remember from the conversation). The man David was speaking to is gay. He asked David, "so you are saying that I shouldn't be allowed to get married?" David replied "I am all for you getting married. If you want to go out and find a girl and get married, I completely support you, and I hope that you do, because that's what marriage is; the union of a man and woman." (David has a way with words, so I'm sure he worded this better.) So, anyone can get married. We are not taking this right away, you just need to understand that marriage is between a man and woman, and we can not change that definition.
There are so many other reasons why we should vote Prop.8. If it does not pass, churches could be sued for not marrying gay couples, and for not letting them adopt. Churches in Massachusetts where gay marriage is legal, have already stopped adoption services. Children growing up in homes of same-sex couples will be denied the very important attributes that only Fathers and Mothers can provide. Each child needs a Father and a Mother. Neither can replace the other.
I'm not very good at organizing my thoughts, but I hope that this will make sense to all those that read it, and that it will help you to be motivated to take action to preserve marriage.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Mike got his silver pass a couple of weeks ago, so last weekend we headed to Disneyland. Is it wrong that this pass was one of the main reasons I wanted Mike to get this job? I love Halloween, and Disneyland, so it was fun to go while the decorations are up.

Although Julie isn't supposed to go on rides, David and her came with us. We didn't have too much to worry about anyway. We got there late in the evening, and it was still crowded!

I took this picture in line for the Haunted Mansion. I love the way it turned out, very spooky.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Rachel tagged me (my first tag ever). You go to your pictures, and post the fourth picture in the fourth file. This is one of my favorite pictures of Bre from a little "photo shoot" that we did earlier this year. Wish I had taken it with a better camera, but it's fun to look back at these.
I tag Breana, Barbara, Carrie, and Amy.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Kitten

If anyone knows of someone who wants a kitten, the gray and white one pictured above is available. We are giving them away, but he is the only one that hasn't found a home yet. Let us know.