Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas and New Year's(Finally!)

Ok, so I am finally getting all these pictures put up. Decorating our home for Christmas was really fun this year. We didn't have quite as many decorations as we thought we did, but it was enough. I was able to make the cute Christmas plaque at an enrichment activity in November, and I loved the way it looked. And although our Christmas tree was crooked, it was still great. I love having a Christmas tree in the house; there is nothing quite like that smell to give you the Christmas feel!

Once again we were able to visit both sides of the family on Christmas. It was great! I love being able to see everyone. We had a wonderful Christmas. Mike bought me the bike I've really been wanting, and my parents bought us rock band. We have been playing that none stop. We are so thankful for all the gifts we received, thank you everyone. Karen and Skip bought us some Olive Garden gift cards, which were great for our anniversary.

For New Year's Eve., David has started a tradition of playing dodge ball at the church. There weren't too many people there, just family, but it was still fun. However, Mike and I versus David and Jordan, can be a little scary. I think I screamed every time one of them threw the ball. As you can see in the pictures, everyone was a little silly that night. Before midnight, we headed back to my parent's house, and played some more rock band. I swear that games is so addicting. My parents even started to play a little, but even watching people play is fun. Of course, we also went outside and screamed at midnight. Believe it or not, my family really can make a lot of noise. I am looking forward to another great year with my family!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spin Classes

Today was my first real workout day in my new spin class, and I am sore! Everyone told me that these classes were intense, but that's not the problem. The problem is the seats on these bikes. I told Mike last night that it feels like I am sitting on a thin brick cross. I'm out to buy a seat cover this afternoon, and I really hope it works. Until then, I think I'll have to sit on a pillow! Hopefully I will get our Christmas, Anniversary and New Year's pictures up soon too.