Friday, October 2, 2009

Finally Fall!

Ok, so I know it has been technically Fall for at least a week now, but this is the first week that it has really felt like it here in California.
I love Fall! I love the chill in the air, I love being able to wear cute sweaters, I love rain, I love the colors, I love crunching leaves when I walk, I love watching General Conference, I love watching college football, I love Halloween (my favorite holiday), I love Thanksgiving. Although school started about a month ago, I always loved going back to school as a kid. I loved buying new clothes and supplies, getting to see everyone again, getting to have new teachers and classes. (Yes, I'm a dork.) I always feel that same feeling, each year, even though it has been years since I have been in high school or elementary.
Yes, I love everything about this time of year, and I am so excited that it is here. Last night I started decorating our home for Halloween. Also, just to really get me in the spirit for Halloween, I start watching scary/Halloween movies every day for the entire month. So much fun!